Backpacktivist’s Food Guide

The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide is a digital publication that brings together stories and recipes from Operation Groundswell’s international network of partners. Join us as we step into the lives and kitchens of change-making people and their organizations as they give us a taste of their home-cooked favourites. From delicious snack foods to traditional beverages and hearty soups for the soul, learn about our partners, their cultures and their missions through the universal language of food!

The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide is being offered for a minimum of $10 on a pay-what-you-can model. We want the Backpacktivist’s Food Guide to be as accessible as possible and enjoyed by many in a time where COVID-19 has impacted everyone in some way. The suggested price for the e-book is $20. As we gather more stories and recipes, this book will evolve, too! Your one-time purchase of The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide gives you access to all future iterations and editions of the book.

All proceeds of the OG Cookbook will go to our Community Contributions which support our partners’ ongoing projects and work.

*Once you purchase this downloadable product, you will be redirected to an order confirmation page with a download link. You can either download it from there, or from the email confirmation you will receive afterwards! 1 copy = 1 download