Leather Dog Collar


These one of a kind dog collars are hand made with high quality leather and woven textiles. They are sure to make any dog friend look like a rockstar, with their bright colours and unique patterns. The collars come in four sizes, but all are fully adjustable with five size settings on each collar!

Model is a 75lb Golden/Poodle and wears a size L.

Size Guide
 – 12″ on the smallest setting, for up to ~15lb pups like Yorkies, Dachshunds and Toy Dogs.
S/M – 16″ on the smallest setting, for dogs between ~20-50lb like Beagles, French Bulldogs and Aussies/Heelers.
L – 20″ on the smallest setting, for big dogs between ~50-80lb like Retrievers, Boxers, and German Shepherds.
XL – 24″ on the smallest setting, for super big pups ~80lb+ like Mastiffs, Great Danes, and St Bernards.


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